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Perfection Vs. Improvement: How to Avoid Complacency

Chasing perfection is frustrating and unattainable, but continuous improvement is rewarded daily.


How SpaceX and NASA Don’t Think About Safety.

Have you ever considered what taking a moment to regroup and put safety first could mean for your business and employees? Read more to find out.

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What's the Problem: How to Solve Workplace Issues in a Productive Way

Should Leadership want workplace issues passed to them, or should they encourage workers to find the solution themselves? Is a problem ever a present?

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What Can We Learn About Safety From a Near Miss?

Discover how dissecting near-miss accidents on the job site can ensure safety while saving time, money, and lives in the future.

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Three Common Causes of Office Injuries

Safety doesn’t end at the office threshold. Stay alert and look for hazards in office areas too. Learn how to avoid injury in an office setting.

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Lead Safety by Example: How Much is a Good Example Worth?

If a picture is worth 1000 words and a video is worth 10,000, how much is a good example worth?

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Safe Behaviors and Risk Compensation

Risk compensation, will you succumb to it? Read more to find out the dangers of risk compensation and why “safety first” is still the way to go.

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Questioning Attitude: A Human Performance Tool

Is it ever okay to question procedures regarding Human Performance? What’s the value of a questioning attitude? Read more to find out.

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Procedures and Process: There for You on Your Worst Day

Discover eight advantages of implementing strict workplace procedures and how they can be the missing link to optimal Human Performance.

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Operate in the Middle Ground: Where to Put the Blame When Things Go Wrong

Who’s to blame when things go wrong? Is it always one person's fault, or is there an institutional failure to blame? Read more and find out.

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