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COACH: Training your “Super doers” to be Supervisors

Typically, we take our best worker and make them a supervisor, but these roles require vastly different skill sets to be successful. Knowledge Vine COACH will finally give them the training and support they need.


Knowledge Vine's COACH training will give your supervisors the soft-skills to lead their teams to new performance heights. Attendees will learn the basics of Human Performance Improvement and how to proactively coach on behaviors; not just react to outcomes.

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Train on your Feet, not in your Seat


Knowledge Vine COACH isn't just a classroom presentation that leaves you with a couple of handouts and questions about what to do next.

Through interactive exercises, comprehensive support resources, and clear, actionable steps, your new coaches will know how to take what they learned and apply it in the field starting day one. Knowledge Vine goes beyond providing information to teach application of improvement coaching on the job.

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