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Decision-Driven Safety Success Story

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Problem: Oil and Gas Supermajor was experiencing abnormally high OSHA recordable injuries within their Pipeline Division’s contractor base. At first, they hired compliance based third-party safety oversight companies to record and report safety metrics. Over the period of six months, nothing had changed and recordables were still high.

Solution: Knowledge Vine was contracted to deploy Decision-Driven Safety (linked to DDS page) across the Supermajor’s US Pipeline Division. Knowledge Vine Coaches focused on identifying, addressing, and resolving safety issues on behalf of the Supermajor. Moreso, we taught the workers to recognize error-likely situations (Traps) and utilize human performance techniques (Tools) to make the right decisions in their day-to-day operations.

Result: Because of Knowledge Vine’s human performance based coaching process, there are zero OSHA recordable injuries with a current RIR of 0.6. This Supermajor is also experiencing less rework and additional cost savings due to Knowledge Vine helping to identify and resolve issues in the field.

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Cultural Gap Analysis: Identifying Behavioral Gaps

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REMEDY: Complete Human Performance Formula

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COACH: Training “Super doers” to be Supervisors