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Decision-Driven Safety: COACH vs. Compliance Cop

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Decision-Driven Safety is the standard in third-party safety oversight. Our in-field coaches focus on identifying, addressing, and resolving safety issues so you don’t see the same errors repeated throughout your project.


We don’t just point out problems. We teach workers to recognize error-likely situations (Traps) and utilize human performance techniques (Tools) to make the right decisions leading to safer outcomes.

Safer outcomes by influencing day-to-day decisions

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Reinforces positive behaviors and results

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Collects the right data to provide insights into causes and behavior

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Teaches behavioral techniques for reducing errors and identifying traps and hazards

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Identifies and resolves organizational issues

Click below to download the white paper that details how Decision-Driven Safety has helped companies like yours achieve safer outcomes by influencing day-to-day decisions.

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