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Your safety culture is the sum of all the decisions your people make throughout the day. However, these decisions are not made in a vacuum; there are many influences on the choices we make. Decision-Driven Safety (DDS) is third-party safety oversight that doesn't just point out unsafe behaviors, it eliminates the influences that encourage risky decisions.  

If we don't change the influences that drive our decisions we will continue to see the same types of errors again and again. Decision-Driven Safety does not ask your workers to make good decisions while surrounded by negative influences; we teach them to recognize negative influences (Traps) and utilize positive influences (Tools) to encourage the right decisions and safer outcomes. As a result, Decision-Driven Safety is unlike any other program offering as you can see in this side-by-side comparison. 

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How is Decision-Driven Safety different?


We teach your workers Human Performance fundamentals so they can understand what influences their decisions and subsequent behaviors. They can provide the answers if they are shown how to look for them.


Our in-field coaches don't just point out problems, they eliminate the influences that may have encouraged these wrong decisions. After all, if the influences stay the same it's likely the decisions will be the same; regardless of the worker. 




We collect two types of real-time data for you: compliance and behavioral. As a result, you will have a clear picture of the actions your team is taking and more importantly why they are deciding on those actions.


Training your team to understand behaviors, effectively engaging and coaching your front-line, collecting compliance and behavioral data, and proactively enhancing your crews' decisions is the quickest way to eliminate errors and prevent recurrence. 


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