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Culture Gap Analysis Success Story

Human Performance Gap Analysis.png

Problem: Well-known Industrial Contractor was experiencing a sudden increase in RIR (1.05), insurance claims (77), turnover rate (67%) and couldn’t put their finger on the cause of these sudden organizational deficiencies. Furthermore, they were looking to make a cultural change and couldn’t decide on a starting point or foundational philosophy.

Solution: Knowledge Vine executed its Cultural Gap Analysis (Link to CGA) to identify the behavioral gaps within the organization and provide an actionable plan to help the Contractor realize its cultural and performance-based goals.

Result: After implementing the suggestions made by Knowledge Vine’s Cultural Gap Analysis, the Industrial Contractor has improved their RIR (1.05 to 0.65), reduced their insurance claims (77 to 22), turnover rate (67% to 51%) and realized 1.5 million man-hours without a lost time accident. Furthermore, this contractor has employed Knowledge Vine to implement REMEDY (link to REMEDY again) to continue with the positive momentum and fully implement Human Performance Improvement throughout their organization.

REMEDY Human Performance.png

REMEDY: Complete Human Performance Formula

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COACH: Training “Super doers” to be Supervisors

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Decision-Driven Safety: COACH vs. Compliance Cop