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Before you can chart your path to reduced accidents and errors, you must identify the organizational gaps that are inhibiting peak performance. That's easier said than done, because it's difficult to look objectively at the place and people you continually see for 40+ hours a week. It's also tough when you're not sure exactly "what good looks like". The best way to hold up a mirror to your organization is through Knowledge Vine's Strategic Gap Analysis; our insightful and affordable process for finding the gaps between what you are and what you want to be.   


Phase 1: Values Alignment Check

Knowledge Vine assesses your company against a list of 20 organizational values (which you can find here) that high reliability organizations share. This defines the vision of the project and answers the question “What does good look like?”

Once we determine that Knowledge Vine is right for you, we will start the Strategic Gap Analysis in earnest.

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Phase 2: Organizational Survey

Knowledge Vine will work with your team to administer a proprietary survey with your executive, management, and front-line employees. Our survey will assess how well your organization is aligned around the 20 organizational values so areas for improvement can be clearly defined. 

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Phase 3: Management Systems Audit

Knowledge Vine auditors will interview your management personnel (operations, maintenance, safety, etc.) to determine how your management systems are applied and the degree in which they support or inhibit the culture your company desires for its workforce. 

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Phase 4: Culture Validation Audit

Knowledge Vine auditors will observe jobs from a pre-job briefing to post-job review. During this phase, our auditors will both observe and engage your employees to assess how well your company lives out its stated values.  

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Phase 5: Strategic Gap Analysis Completion

Knowledge Vine will provide you with a detailed report encompassing the results from the previous phases as well as how to implement an actionable plan which helps you realize your cultural and performance-based goals. 

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If you would like to discuss how our Strategic Gap Analysis has worked with other organizations and how it can help you, please fill out the form below to setup a brief introductory conference call.

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