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Total Organizational Performance Improvement

At our core, Knowledge Vine is committed to helping you and your workers on your "path to zero". We do this by helping you improve your total organizational performance through the implementation and application of human performance tools and techniques. As a result, our full suite of Human Performance Improvement services is called Total Organizational Performance Improvement (TOPI)

TOPI is designed to help improve the behaviors and decision-making at all levels of your organization. Companies that don't have strong systems in place to support employee behaviors experience cultural decay, become increasingly inefficient and error prone, lose contracts and bids due to poor safety metrics, and experience reduced profit margins due to rework, accidents, down-time, change orders etc. 

If your organization is experiencing any of the above, we will be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary assessment to give you insight into why certain organizational weaknesses are becoming more prevalent. Please fill out the form below and we will provide you with the resources to conduct the assessment.

To give you a broad overview of TOPI and how we have been able to transform our clients' culture, worker behavior and decision-making processes please see "how we do it".



You don’t know where to go if you don’t know where you are. Performance improvement is not an “off the shelf, one-size-fits-all” process. The Foundation phase is designed to identify your current culture to lay out a custom plan for implementing human performance.

Vision, expectations, communication, roles, responsibilities, implementation, metrics, and accountability are unique to each organization; the Foundation is where this is assessed and defined. The Foundation includes communicating the intent of Knowledge Vine’s engagement, evaluating current metrics, and the Culture+ survey of the organization. The information collected will help guide the Goal-Setting Executive Workshop in developing a customized plan for the implementation of TOPI within their organization.



The information phase starts the process of training your employees about the actionable behaviors they can use immediately to start reducing errors and injuries.

Employees will also learn about identifying system and process gaps called organizational weaknesses. Additionally, leadership personnel are trained on coaching techniques to help manage the cultural change.



During the Application phase, Knowledge Vine specialists will teach your team, at their jobs, how to recognize error likely situations and how to apply Human Performance tools to mitigate these hazards and reduce accidents and errors.

This phase is also designed to ensure all supervisory personnel can coach on the expected use and appropriate processes involved in the TOPI methodology.



The Transformation phase is the "jumping off point" that will enable your organization to continue TOPI on your own. We will train-the-trainer with your TOPI Champions, perform a closure survey to mark progress, and provide additional tools and processes to allow your organization to keep the momentum going. At this time, your organization will be achieving the goals previously set forth in the Foundation phase and using human performance improvement to make optimal decisions without the help of Knowledge Vine.


If you would like to discuss how TOPI has worked with other organizations and how it can help you, please fill out the form below to setup a brief introductory conference call. 

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