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REMEDY: The Complete Formula for Human Performance

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High Reliability Organizations (HROs), like Nuclear Power and Commercial Aviation, have utilized Human Performance as their cultural cornerstone for decades. REMEDY is the complete solution that allows your organization to leverage the advantages of Human Performance technology; transforming your team into a high reliability organization.

What is REMEDY?

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REMEDY is the formula for human performance implementation and sustainability. It is for industrial companies seeking to become or maintain their status as a high reliability organization.

REMEDY is for:

Organizations looking for a start-to-finish process for building a Human Performance culture.

Organizations that have plateaued or regressed and need a jumpstart to arrest negative trends and get back on the path to performance improvement.

Executives wanting to encourage a culture of trust which allows information to flow between all levels.

Leaders wanting to strengthen relationships to encourage worker feedback and are entrusted with the authority to act upon it.

Employees wanting to contribute their experiences, skills, and abilities to help the organization succeed.

The REMEDY Matrix & Roadmap

Where do you want to go? The REMEDY Matrix details the values shared by High Reliability Organizations and provides a snapshot of what your company will look like once Human Performance takes root in the culture.

How will you get there? The REMEDY Roadmap details the step-by-step process your organization will take to implement Human Performance. It looks like a lot, but don't worry, Knowledge Vine experts will guide you through it and do most of the heavy lifting.

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