Good Practice - Use of a Scaled Model (KV115)


What Happened?

An electrical construction company was tasked with constructing a new section of transmission lines that tied into an existing circuit.  During the planning phase of the project, the team recognized they were having trouble visualizing the proper outage sequences due to the size of the project.  Their goal was to safely isolate the tie in without causing a complete substation outage.  The team decided to build a scaled model so that the group could see and discuss the entire line at once.  Use of the scaled model allowed them to successfully create an outage sequence that met the goals of the project and allowed the work to be performed safely.

What Can We Learn?


Use of a Questioning Attitude led the team to think outside the box and develop a model to improve the planning process.

Use of this model also improved their ability to give each other Peer Checks on the outage sequence.


The team avoided Overconfidence by recognizing that only using drawings and system knowledge was not adequate for this project.

Use of the model also helped them overcome the Physical Environment trap since the size of the project did not allow for in-field visualization of the entire line.

Ask the Right Questions

How does this relate to our work?

Could we implement a similar practice?