Vehicle Safety - Fatality (KV 66)


What Happened?

On July 21, 2017 A worker was backing a semi tractor trailer into a dock bay. As the truck was backing into the docking area he lost sight of the employee who was spotting him. He continued to back the truck into the allocated space. The employee who was spotting for the driver was caught between the steel racking and the truck. The employee’s head and chest was crushed resulting in a fatality.

Contributing Factors

The 2-Minute Drill was not used to review and determine proper body positioning for the task to keep the employee safe and to allow them to effectively communicate.

What Can We Learn?


We are faced with many traps throughout our work day and at home. Effective Communication is a great tool to use in every aspect of our lives. If this employee would have used effective communication this accident could have been prevented. 


Over Confidence was present in this situation. Once the driver lost sight of the worker he should have stopped work until effective lines of communication was made and followed throughout the entire process.

Ask the Right Questions

How does this relate to our work?

Where do we have similar traps?

What Tools can we use to avoid a similar incident?

Was a stop work point missed?