Caught Between


What Happened?

December 01, 2013, a delivery truck driver had just finished unloading his cargo. As the employee activated the lift gate with his right hand, he noticed a plastic trash bag inside the gate and tried to retrieve it with his left hand. His left hand was caught in between the folding steel. He suffered severe hand bruises and was hospitalized.

Contributing Factors

2-Minute Drill would have addressed the house keeping issue the employee was attempting to correct at the time of the incident.

What Can We Learn?


A Questioning Attitude could have stopped him from reaching in while the gate was in motion.

Performing a Critical Step Check would have identified engaging the gate as a critical step and whatever would be in it’s path would get caught.


He was Multi-tasking while he was operating the gate with one hand and reaching to retrieve the bag with the other.

Overconfidence caused him to think he was fast enough as not to get caught in the folding steel.

Ask the Right Questions

How does this relate to our work?

Where do we have similar traps?

What Tools can we use to avoid a similar incident?

Was a stop work point missed?