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We can teach it because we’ve lived it


The best teachers have a good mix of technical knowledge and hands-on experience. This is what makes Knowledge Vine different from other Human Performance consultants. CEO, David Bowman, and CFO, David Sowers, began their Human Performance journey as front-line practitioners in the nuclear Navy and commercial nuclear power operations; every day utilizing the tools and enhancing their understanding of the behaviors necessary to ensure safe, accurate, and reliable work.


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Recognizing the immense benefits of Human Performance technology, “the Davids”, as they have come to be known in the industry, sought to deepen their understanding to unlock its full potential. Over the years they have completed several degree programs, led corporate initiatives, worked side-by-side with industry leaders, and steeped themselves in the literature and study of Human Performance to achieve a knowledge-base rivaled by few. They have the book knowledge and the front-line experience; making them the ideal teachers of Human Performance technology. They know what works because they have done the work.



Recognizing the value that comes with knowledge and direct experience, the Davids have stacked the Knowledge Vine team with people who have been in the tool room and the boardroom. The KV team can seamlessly and effectively communicate with your executives and then put on a hardhat to coach your team. This kind of credibility is not gained over a career behind a desk “leading” a program. This kind of credibility needs to be learned and earned; and the Knowledge Vine team is ready to earn the privilege of coaching your team in adopting Human Performance behaviors for themselves.


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