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Our entire team is made up of human performance professionals that have real-world operational experience from a variety of backgrounds.

Understanding what your employees do every day is important to help them perform those jobs better every time they put on their boots.

By only employing experienced personnel, we are able to offer human performance improvement features to every level of our services.


David Bowman

David has over 25 years of industrial experience with a strong focus on operations, maintenance, safety engineering, and organizational alignment. David served in the United States Marine Corps and has held various leadership roles with R&R Marine Maintenance, Chevron, Chevron-Phillips, and Entergy. David started Knowledge Vine, LLC and is the CEO.

David is a subject matter expert in Human Performance and led those efforts for Entergy Corporation for over 12 years. David has a proven track record in organizational effectiveness and alignment which led Entergy to its best record in the history of the company in 2013. David gained his experience and knowledge in the petrol-chemical, nuclear power, fossil fuel generation, utility transmission and distribution industries. David has a Bachelor of Science in Safety Engineering.

David is an effective leader and dynamic speaker. He can engage audiences at any level and is ready to help any organization achieve their full potential. David believes you can have safety, reliability, and quality if you seek to eliminate errors

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Dave Sowers

Dave Sowers is a founding member of Knowledge Vine; a Human Performance Training and Consulting organization which strives to reduce the frequency and severity of human errors in the workplace. Dave has almost 30 years of experience in the utility industry working in various capacities from the tool room to the boardroom. He is a veteran of U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program and holds a bachelor’s degree in resources management and a master’s degree in both management and emergency management and homeland security. 

Dave’s experience gives him a unique perspective and the ability to bridge the gaps between an organization’s front-line workforce and their management team. Since he has lived Human Performance from both perspectives he is an effective and credible communicator of its principles and methodologies. Dave Sowers is ready to help your leaders coach and communicate Human Performance to your team.


Ken Hallaran

Ken has spent 18 years in the nuclear power industry.  He started his career in the Naval Nuclear Power Program as a 1st Class Petty Officer in the Reactor Laboratories Division.  After 6 years in the United States Navy he moved into the commercial nuclear industry as an Equipment Operator at Entergy's River Bend Nuclear Station.  Ken has also held the positions of Chemistry Technician, Chemistry Supervisor, and Chemistry/Environmental Manager and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology.

Throughout his career Ken has become well versed in human performance, organizational improvement, leadership, and causal analysis.  His experience as a field worker, supervisor, and manager has given him the ability to be effective in multiple areas and levels of an organization.  Whether it is through class room training, field observations, organizational assessment, or causal analysis, Ken can help your organization reach the next level of performance. 


Tim Golden

For over 25 years Tim has worked in the electric utility industry. Tim served in distribution operations business units supporting local operations, including outage management, distribution switching, and field design. In the role of process trainer and subject matter expert, Tim provided critical support on processes, systems and procedures used in distribution operations to front-line operations personnel, ranging from work management and resource scheduling to outage management and complaint resolution processes. He supervised and managed training delivery and curriculum development workgroups, leading efforts to redesign training programs which reduced classroom time by 30% while retaining quality of the training delivered. Tim provided leadership at the Corporate Safety level, managing a program development group that included Human Performance for non-nuclear business units. 

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Mississippi College in Clinton, MS and is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS), and is a lifelong student of adult learning practices.