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REMEDY Success Story

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Problem: Prominent Public Utility was in search of solutions to realize their goal of becoming a top-tier High Reliability Organization. As part of this goal, they were considering the adoption of human performance technologies throughout the entirety of their organization. They interviewed several leading Human Performance firms and personalities to help in the effort. After several rounds of interviews, the Public Utility decided that Knowledge Vine was the best fit due to Knowledge Vine’s experience living, implementing, and helping to successfully sustain Human Performance Improvement throughout many organizations.

Solution: Knowledge Vine deployed its complete and time-tested formula for Human Performance: REMEDY. The Roadmap we followed for REMEDY’s execution within this Public Utility can be found here REMEDY Roadmap.

Result: The implementation of REMEDY has since turned this Public Utility into a top-tier High Reliability Organization. Their Informed Executives are now encouraging a culture of trust which allows information to flow between all levels. Empowered Leaders are strengthening relationships throughout the company to encourage worker feedback and are entrusted with the authority to act upon it. Engaged Employees are contributing their experiences, skills, and abilities to help the organization continue to succeed.  

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Cultural Gap Analysis: Identifying Behavioral Gaps

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Decision-Driven Safety: COACH vs. Compliance Cop

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COACH: Training “Super doers” to be Supervisors