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The Knowledge Vine Safety+ program is a safety program like nothing else on the market. Every one of our safety professionals is a Human Performance Improvement expert.

Our Safety+ coaches are not just looking for safety compliance, they are in the field with your employees, coaching them on the tools we use to make every job a zero incident event.  By adding Human Performance elements to our safety services we do more than report findings back to your management team; we help your organization become an incident-free workplace. 

The Knowledge Vine team has several decades of industrial construction, maintenance, and operations experience, allowing our certified safety and human performance professionals to seamlessly join your team in the field for immediate implementation.

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 Click on the image to download our pdf flyer.

Click on the image to download our pdf flyer.

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Why Safety+ is better

Our coaches don’t just monitor, they engage the workers and look for solutions.

Positive reinforcement is a foundational aspect of Safety+ because it drives discretionary effort.

Coaching on behavior ensures we understand the "why" behind the issue so we can prevent recurrence.

Provides trendable data on behaviors that is used to predict potential problems.

In addition to safety performance, Safety+ improves quality and productivity.


Safety+ Success Metrics

41% to 50% reduction in turnover rate.

Lost Workday Incident Rate (DART) reduction from 1.23 to 0.50.

Annual insurance claims dropped from 77 to 22, 128 to 65.

2 million person-hours incident free.

Profitability up 32% (historical average was 15-20%).

Problems with Traditional Compliance-Based Safety Oversight

Only monitors for discrete problems, does not address behaviors.

Focuses on the negative aspects of performance (non-compliance).

Provides no insight into causes or behaviors.

Does not generate meaningful predictive data.

Only focuses on safety aspects of your business.