Human Performance impacts every aspect of organizations. This is why Knowledge Vine incorporates Human Performance into all of our services to create Safety+. Our Safety Professionals are also Human Performance practitioners, so they are not just looking for compliance; they are also coaching Total Organization Performance Improvement (TOPI). 

Adding elements of Human Performance to our safety services creates a better value for you!

Safety+ Training (CPR/AED/First Aid)

Do you want run-of-the-mill CPR training or do you want Knowledge Vine's Safety+ CPR training which reinforces Human Performance principles such as effective communication, questioning attitude and peer checking? If you were to become the victim, which training would you want your responders to have?  Contact us today to see how Knowledge Vine's Safety+ Training can help your organization. 

Safety+ Oversight

Knowledge Vine's Safety+ Oversight offers a unique safety perspective with a Human Performance focus. We have several decades of industrial construction, maintenance, and operations experience that allows us to not only verify safety compliance, but also improve human performance. Our team is comprised of degreed and certified safety professionals steeped in human performance and behavioral sciences.

Whether you need a comprehensive team to provide oversight of projects or one person delivering a few hours of assistance, Knowledge Vine has the skills and expertise to deliver positive change. Contact us today to see how Knowledge Vine's Safety+ Oversight can help your organization.