Real Data. Real Results.

Partner improvements after implementing Knowledge Vine's TOPI.

  • Reduced costs due to fewer mistakes

  • Lowered indemnity; fewer risks

  • Increased revenue with higher quality and reliability

  • Competitive advantage… what are your peers doing to align?

Partner 1

  • Recordable Accident Indices (RAI)

    • Reduced significantly to 0.65

  • Experience Modifier Rate (EMR)

    • Below .8 and dropping

  • Insurance Claims

    • Dropped from 77 to 22

  • Employee Turnover

    • Reduced 51%

Partner 2

  • Zero Recordable Incidents for the first six months

    • First time in company history

  • Profitability up 32%

    • Historical average was 15-20%


"I wanted to express my thanks for the partnership that Knowledge Vine has had with our organization. As we enter year 2, I wanted to share some information that i believe is directly related to the training and observations that you have provided in Human Performance. As you know we started this journey in January of 2016 and the below results speak loudly."

  • Recordable Incident Rate

    • 33% reduction from .85 to .57

  • Lost Work Day Incident Rate (DART)

    • 100% reduction from .37 to 0

  • At fault vehicle accidents

    • 80% reduction from 5 to 1

"Frequency of events was reduced and severity was greatly diminished and we just reached 1.5 million man hours without a lost time accident.

Along with these data points I have seen a tremendous increase in quality of Job Hazard Analysis and greater communication of HU between crew members. I look forward to continuing this path together and creating a great workforce."

Bryan Beadle, Regional Manager - Utility Lines Construction Services

Chain Electric

One of our first partners, Chain Electric, has seen amazing results once their organization decided to change their culture by committing to Knowledge Vine's Human Performance Improvement Process.

In the last quarter of 2014, Chain Electric implemented Knowledge Vine Human Performance training to improve the reliability, quality, and safety of their organization. Training was completed for all their crews at the beginning of 2015. Chain Electric saw immediate, tangible results. The following is a comparison of their 2014 and 2015 data.

  • Recordable Incident Rate

    • 18% reduction from 2.05 to 1.68

  • Lost Workday Incident Rate (DART)

    • 59% reduction from 1.23 to .50

  • Total Insurance claims (General, Liability, Auto, Work Comp.)

    • 49% reduction from 128 to 65

  • Turnover Reduced by 40%

In 2016 Chain conducted refresher training with the entire organization. Since that time Chain electric has seen a reduction in the severity of their incidents which has resulted in a $1 million reduction in insurance premiums.

As Tim Adam, Chain Electric's Director of Safety and Training, tells his crews "These are amazing numbers but they didn't just happen; we didn't just get lucky. This is a planned result. Your commitment to human performance has made all of this possible and I can't thank you enough."