professionalism and experience level

Woodson Incorporated has partnered with Knowledge Vine to learn the methodology of human performance and gain alignment as an organization. The professionalism and experience level of the entire Knowledge Vine staff has been greatly appreciated. Knowledge Vine has worked with our team to customize and deliver the training sessions. Our employees are able to understand and immediately benefit from the techniques that were taught. Woodson Incorporated has already seen improvement in error rate and organizational alignment...

Steve Woodson
Plaquemine, Louisiana

error rate reductions of 85 percent

The Knowledge Vine process uses a synergistic approach to transforming your organization into a Human Performance focused culture! ... I highly recommend using (Knowledge Vine) to plant human performance roots deep in your organization...His team successfully designed and implemented (HPI) and achieved error rate reductions of 85 percent within six months!

Rob Maness
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"These are amazing numbers but they didn't just happen; we didn't just get lucky. This is a planned result. Your commitment to human performance has made all of this possible and I can't thank you enough."

— Chain Electric


makes us more effective as an organization.”

We can't be an industry leader if we can't drive our culture to be safer and more efficient. Knowledge Vine Human Performance is how we get better. It makes us more effective as an organization and really drives safety and reliability for our crews. 

Bob Chain
Hattiesburg, Mississippi


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