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HP Community of Practice, a partnership between KnowledgeVine and Resilient Grid, provides a platform for sharing information across different domains and practices to create a diverse environment for all to learn and grow. We’re a community of people who take Human Performance, Safety, Resilience, and Continuous Improvement very, very seriously!

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Upcoming Community of Practice

Community of Practices meets every other Thursday at 4 pm CT

Rod Heller, managing partner of Energy Performance Lighting and a researcher on the effect of lighting on human performance, will be presenting on changing lighting to change human performance, mood, and health across a variety of industries.


Humans Collaborating During Cyber Events

Sam Chanoski, James Merlo, Mike Legatt
March 16, 2023

Reducing Worker Burden to Improve Focus During High-Risk Tasks

L.D. Holland, Mike Legatt, and James Merlo
February 16, 2023

Unlock the Secrets of Interviewing

Mike Legatt and David Dubin
January 19, 2023

Commander's Intent and Imparting Presence

Mike Legatt and James Merlo
December 15, 2022